Announcement: Thank Yoooooooowooooooo! (3 days ago)

A BIG (and English Players) THANK YOU to everyone who came to our Halloween Spooktacular on Saturday 25th October. Congratulations to our costume contest winners, and we hope you’re all proud to have raised so much money for our partner charity Hua Dan! The fun doesn’t stop there! We have three more shows lined up […]

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Intimate Improv @ The Bookworm

Beijing Improv English Players want YOU (in the audience on Saturday night)

Beijing Improv English Players want YOU (in the audience on Sunday night)

Settle in and cuddle up with a glass of brandy as our English Players take you on a magical, mellifluous journey through long-form narrative scenes inspired by your own life stories. Booking recommended – click here for more information.

2001: 和北京即兴一起太空漫游 A BIG Odyssey

The countdown begins...2001:和北京即兴一起太空漫游


2001: A BIG Odyssey

In a far off galaxy, on a lonely planet orbiting a distant star, lives a strange race of beings with powers incomprehensible to the human mind… Behold the BIGGIANS, creatures with the astonishing ability to create improvised hilarity of universal proportions, all from your suggestions! Join BIG for an epic evening of robots, time-travel, and intergalactic adventures – also featuring a special BIG alumni guest appearance! Programme your time-machine to arrive at Zajia on Saturday November 8th at 8pm. Spaceship parking available.

English Players Show

The final Saturday of (almost) every month! Beijing Improv English Players stand ready to take your suggestions and create scenes that will make you giggle, guffaw, and laugh till your ribs are tickled pink.

Tickets: 50 RMB



ITS ALL CHARITY: Penghao theater is the only accredited non-profit theater in China. The proceeds from the cafe go to supporting the theater. The proceeds from Beijing Improv performances go towards supporting HuaDan which uses theater techniques to empower migrant women and children.

This is a monthly event!

BIG show

Second Saturday, Every Month, 20:00-22:00

Come see Beijing Improv’s bilingual group, BIG, perform at it’s new venue, Zajia!  We perform the 2nd Saturday of every month.
When: 2nd Saturday of every month, 8pm
Where:  Zajia, No. 23 Doufu Chi Hutong, Jiugulou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (check out the map)
Tickets: 50 RMB.
地点:杂家,北京市东城区旧鼓楼大街豆腐池胡同23号宏恩观前 (看地图)

This is a monthly event!


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